Ever been to Summerland Temple

If you have never been to Summerland Hindu Temple and always wanted to, here you can watch what to expect. The temple is surrounded by unparalleled beauty, unbelievable views, very nice and hardworking people, faithful devotees, awesome younger generation that is following their parents paths and so much more, that I can’t describe in words. You have to come here to experience it and enjoy the positive vibes that can only be experienced here.



Welcome to Okanagan Hindu Temple

Namaskar devotees. We welcome you to the site of Okanagan Hindu Temple. Currently this site is being built. Please email us with any suggestions or recommendations you may have, that would help us to make this site more informative and full of knowledge.

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Parampujya Acharya Shri Akhil Ji Maharaj Satsang
Parampujya Acharya Shri Akhil Ji Maharaj Satsang